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Union Central - Level Term 10, 15, 20, 30 Product Features


State Approvals  Approved in:
Type LT10 premiums are guaranteed for 10 years in all states. LT15 can be purchased with a 15-year guarantee, LT20 can be purchased with a 20-year guarantee and LT30 can be purchased with a 30-year guarantee. For a lower cost, LT15, LT20 and LT30 can be purchased with premiums guaranteed to be level for 10 years and projected to be level for the remainder of the term.
Conversion Options All plans are convertible to age 75 and may be converted to any other Union Central individual permanent life insurance product presently available.

Conversion Credits:
LT10 conversion credits can be applied to any eligible permanent Union Central life insurance plan on or before the 10th policy anniversary. LT15, LT20 and LT30 conversion credits can be applied to any eligible permanent Union Central life insurance plan on or before the 15th policy anniversary.

The LT10, 15, 20 and 30 credit equals the premium paid to date or 36 months, whichever is less (including policy fee but excluding supplemental benefits and substandard extra premiums), and is limited to 50% of PPP. The LT10, 15, 20 and 30 conversion credit is not commissionable

Issue Ages
               Preferred    Preferred     Non-Tobacco     Preferred     Tobacco

                  Plus                                                  Tobacco


- Outside New York*

Male/Female       20-75       20-75          20-80          20-75        15-80

- In New York

Male/Female       20-70       20-70          20-70          20-70        20-70


- Outside New York*

10-year guarantee

Male/Female       20-75       20-75          20-75          20-75        15-75

Full guarantee

Male                  20-75       20-75          20-75          20-71        15-69

Full guarantee

Female               20-75       20-75          20-75          20-75        15-75

- In New York

10-year and

full guarantees

Male/Female       20-65       20-65          20-65          20-65        15-65


- Outside New York*

10-year guarantee

Male/Female       20-70       20-70          20-70          20-70        15-70

Full guarantee

Male                   20-69       20-68          20-66          20-63        15-62

Full guarantee

Female                20-70       20-70          20-69          20-67        15-66

- In New York

10-year and

full guarantees

Male/Female       20-60       20-60          20-60          20-60        15-60


- Outside New York*

10-year guarantee

Male/Female       20-60       20-60          20-60          20-60        15-60

Full guarantee

Male                   20-50       20-50          20-50          20-45        15-42

Full guarantee

Female               20-50       20-50          20-50          20-50        15-46

- In New York

10-year and

full guarantees

Male/Female       20-50       20-50          20-50          20-50        15-50

*Subject to variation by state in IN, OR, PA, and WA
Face Amounts
Minimum: $100,000
Modal Factors Semi-annual = 0.51
Quarterly = 0.26
Monthly = 0.086
Policy Fee Non-commisionable policy fee

$75 Annual
$38.50 Semi-annual
$19.50 Quarterly
$6.50 Check-O-Matic

Special Product
Waiver of Premium:
Premiums are waived in the event of the insured’s total disability prior to age 65. Limited benefit if disabled after age 60. Issue ages: Non-tobacco 20-55; Tobacco 0-55.

Accidental Death Benefit:
If the insured dies as a result of an accident prior to age 70, the beneficiary will receive the base policy proceeds and the proceeds provided under this rider. Issue ages: Non-tobacco 20-65; Tobacco 15-65.

Life Needs Option:
Allows the policyowner to receive an advance of up to one-half the policy’s death benefit (up to $500,000) if the insured becomes terminally ill (with a life expectancy of 12 months or less).

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Union Central - Level Term 10, 15, 20, 30 Underwriting Guidelines
Classes Preferred Plus
Preferred Non-tobacco
Standard Non-tobacco
Preferred Tobacco
Standard Tobacco

Substandard Tables A-F

  • Level Term products are renewable to age 100 (80 in New York or rated)
    • Variations in MD
  • Level Term products may be converted to a permanent individual life product, with the incentive of generous conversion credits.
Tobacco Definition Preferred Plus: No tobacco use of any form in the last 36 months
Preferred Non-tobacco: No tobacco use of any form in the last 24 months
Special Underwriting
Preferred Plus:
Applicant must meet all Preferred Plus criteria in addition to all Preferred criteria. Failure to do so will automatically eliminate the proposed insured from qualifying for Preferred Plus underwriting. If any of the questions below are answered “yes,” the policy will not be issued Preferred Plus. No exception will be allowed.

• Have you used any form of tobacco in the last 36 months?

• Have you participated in any hazardous sport activities or aviation in the last five years?

• Have you ever been charged with or convicted of a DWI or DUI in the last 10 years?

• Have you ever sought or received treatment for alcohol and/or drug abuse?

• Does your total cholesterol exceed 225 and total cholesterol/HDL ratio exceed 5.0?

• Have you experienced significant hypertension in the past, and are current blood pressure readings normal (140/85 or less)?

• Have you been charged with more than 2 traffic violations within the last 36 months?

• Is your current blood panel completely normal?

For Preferred Plus, also follow the Preferred guidelines listed below.

If the proposed insured answers “yes” to any of the following questions, he/she may not be eligible for the Preferred classification. In the event of a “yes” answer, submit the questionnaire to your Home Office Underwriter with a written explanation outlining details of that answer.

If all answers are “no” and the evidence of insurability submitted with the application is determined by underwriting to be favorable, the policy will be issued as Preferred.

• Have you used any form of tobacco in the past 24 months?

• Are you a private pilot with less than 500 solo hours; or do you fly more than 250 hours per year; or do you fly in other than conventional aircraft (jet/prop)?

• Have you been charged with two or more traffic violations within 24 months or have you been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drug within the past five years?

• Have you sought or received treatment for alcohol or drug abuse within the last 10 years?

• Has a member of your immediate family died of or been diagnosed with coronary artery, cerebral vascular disease or diabetes prior to age 60?

• Have you ever had or been told by a doctor that you had cancer, diabetes, heart disease or an abnormal EKG?

• Based on your age, does your total cholesterol exceed the following limits?
...Age 20-40: Cholesterol mg/dl 230
...Age 41-55: Cholesterol mg/dl 250
...Age 56-up: Cholesterol mg/dl 270

• Is your HDL less than 45mg/dl?

• Is your blood pressure higher than 140/85? (If over age 55, 150/90)?

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